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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | 5:30 AM | 0 Teen Turquoise
heyy. dah lama aku tak updated blog. LAMA GILA!  haha. sokayhh. Well, tipu lah kalau dalam masa yang panjang ni langsung tak ada pape yang jadi kan? for sure lah ada. And a lot of problem I faced.   Yang masalah tu, takpayah lah tahu, Malas nak ugkit benda lama :) So, today my life begin to start. I met this guy actually. His name is Muhammad Aiman Syafiq. We quite close after I broke up with Daus. And I dont take it seriously. Now, Daus is my past and Aiman is my future, maybe. I start my new life with someone who I get closed to :3 Btw, he such a nice guy. I hope you can take care of me and please dont hurt my feeling. Although I'm not the perfect girl, but I tried to be the best in front of you. 

enough for this post. I cant say much :3 I hope we can stay together, as long as we can :)

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